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Super puzzling puzzler. I liked it. 

Thanks! This is the second game I ever made, I actually returned to it and made into a proper game. If you are interested it's called Hack Grid.

It's on Steam

And as well

Would love to see this as a mobile game, it's an addicting puzzler!

This is a really fun little game. Do you have a contact I can reach you at? (twitter, email, discord, whatever) I'd love to discuss some stuff with you about this game :)


Hi Spencer, glad you liked the game!

I wrote you a DM on Newgrounds with my contact info.

The red-green color difference makes this incredibly hard to play with my color blindness, especially since those colors are important to the entire game.

A simple option to choose a different color scheme would help.

That's a very good point.

I'm not really familiar with color blindness, but I do recall that there is multiple types as in to what colour person doesn't see.

I'll look into it and do a hotfix to fix this issue.

Thanks for bringing it up.